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Digital Pharma
Analytical research of digital situation at Ukrainian pharmaceutical market. Set of reports covers digital activity analysis and audience's behavior for more than 100 Ukrainian pharmaceutical brands at 2015-2016.
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Digital Pharma

Digital Pharma – long-term research project that explores activity of Ukrainian pharmaceutical brands and their audience at a digital channel. Smartica/Skykillers agency serves as the initiator of the project, Factum Group and YouScan companies are partners for collecting data.

Primary results of the project are two versions of the analytical report:

  • 1st (free) – demo-report on the situation at the pharmaceutical market in Ukraine.
  • 2nd (paid) – detailed analytical reports for every 5 categories of drugs.

"Digital Pharma helps pharmaceutical brands to be successful in digital."

All data of the Digital Pharma project are intended to help marketing specialists and advertising agencies staff members to evaluate the situation at medical drugs digital-market, know audience' behavior and understand competitors' moves. And then as a result – to take their brands' digital appearance at a new level of efficiency.

Human Centric Lab
Internal strategic creative project designed to develope innovative communication solutions based on principles and methods of Design Thinking.
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Human Centric Lab
Three years ago we decided to improve the approach to the establishment of marketing brand-campaigns for development and reaching business-goals and find some new methodologies: Puzzles (briefs with classical tasks) and Мysteries (briefs which needs researching TA, its demands, and problems).
For Mysteries-briefs we developed Human Centric approach based on the modified method of Design Thinking. We decided that it will be the philosophy of Smartica/Skykillers and differs us at digital-market.
“Human Centric approach focuses campaign on solving end-user's problems with the help of the brand.”
The approach consists of 6 stages:
Step #1. Understand = Debriefing Learning maximum information about client's goals and problems, its business. Specifying the audience.
Step #2. Empathize = Exploring the audience Looking for TA representatives and collecting information about them through monitoring, interviews and personal experience. Our goal is to find out person's needs and its insights.
Step #3. Define = Defining the problem Structuring collected information and defining audience's specific problem based on its needs and insights.
Step #4. Ideate = Brainstorming Developing as more ideas as possible – both basic and complex ones. Each of them must help to solve the customer's problems defined at the previous stage.
Step #5. Prototype = Making prototype Checking our theories on solving customer's problem. Prototypes must be individual for every idea and can be changed from website design to real new products' models.
Step #6. Test = Checking the theories Testing prototype directly with out target audience. Showing the prototypes to users we are seeking to find out the most suitable version for their needs and confirm our theory.
Strategic session
Strategic session is a form of cooperation between agency and client, developed by Smartica/Skykillers. It consists of an evaluation of company's activity and searching decisions for client's business development.
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Strategic session
Strategic session is a form of cooperation between agency and client, developed by Smartica/Skykillers. It consists of an evaluation of company's activity and searching decisions for client's business development.
“Before offering the solution it's needed to deal with business, market, competitors, product, audience and consumer's way.”
Strategic session's stages:
Preparing for strategic session
Primary diving into client's business/product, analysis its TA and its needs. Structuring information and preparing questions for the strategic session. Client's answering questions.
Strategic session
Cooperation between agency and client during 1 working day according to the approved arrangement for clearing up key problems.
Making presentation, brief.
Creating the presentation with approved structure based on strategic session and discussed issues during it. Working on brief for next steps.
The result of the session – project's “road map” with:
  • target audience
  • audience's problems and needs
  • competitors' strengths and weaknesses
  • values
  • customer's way – from the moment of hearing about product till it's purchase
  • brand's goals at every stage
  • channels and communication tools with customer
  • efficiency rates for every tool
  • product's changes recommendations
  • brief for the next steps
Every day clients and agencies consume a lot of information losing the feeling of project's development. Meet Growie – world-first user-friendly tool for project's timing.
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Growie – world-first visual tracker of project's progress. Inspired by the forms of succulents we create their functional phygital version. 8-inch Growie, that lives on clients table – aluminium gadget based on microcomputer Raspberry Pi and connected to Basecamp software, developed by our agency.