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web design strategy


The IQ Energy programme is a financial instrument developed by the EBRD for energy efficiency at Ukrainian residential sector according to the European standards. This programme provides 35% refund of the cost of energy-efficient products including Bosch/Buderus equipment.


The official website of the IQ Energy programme contains rules, catalogues, and application forms. After analyzing of the website’s interface through the prism of Bosch/Buderus brand we concluded that:

  1. the website does not meet the needs of potential customers of Bosch/Buderus;
  2. there is no clear algorithm of action leading to the final point – application for a grant.


Apart from increasing knowledge of Bosch/Buderus customers’ about the programme, we aimed at giving them the best experience of IQ Energy participation.


We found out what information about a grant of IQ Energy programme do potential participants need. We also understood that this information takes much time for search and examination. We developed step-by-step guide based on this data which makes customers’ way easier.

Describing the programme’s advantages and requirements for refunding, creating a full catalogue of Bosch/Buderus equipment available for receiving a grant, providing a convenient search tool for the nearest partners’ shop, we start talking about such a difficult thing in a simple language.