Krypto Labs
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Krypto Labs
web design


Krypto Labs is an all-in-one business incubator, accelerator, and co-working space, based in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi. It is carefully designed to support new ideas and established startups with vital assistance, including mentorship, funding, networking and other support services to allow innovators to concentrate on their core competencies.

In the summer of 2017 there were Krypto Startup Contest to mark the opening of Krypto Labs. This contest offered an exciting opportunity to innovative start-up companies across any industry to obtain capital investment and enrollment in the incubator.

The client decided to launch 2 websites to communicate the contest, attract innovative ideas and allow users to learn more about business incubator. There are landing page Krypto Startup Contest 2017 and multifunctional web platform Krypto Labs.


There were two main tasks:

  • To develop the interface, landing design, and online application for Krypto Startup Contest 2017.
  • To create Krypto Labs web platform.

And not least:

  • To provide traffic, search requests, and registration on the Krypto Startup Contest 2017 landing page.

To provide traffic, views, sufficient residence time, and conversion on the Krypto Labs platform.


Krypto Startup Contest 2017 landing page

We created timeline landing to describe every step of the contest, to show all the benefits and awards, and to introduce the experts. Landing also offered the user to enter the contest online and to submit the application.

We created the virtual guide to Krypto Labs. The website presents incubator, its team,coworking space, trainings, and the latestthe latest news.