Real Ukrainians
web design campaign
web design campaign


2014 was the extremely rough year for beer market. During the first half of 2014 sales decreased by 70% and production — 13%. Low-price beer segment indicators with the largest number of beer assortment representatives decreased by 3% in comparison with 2013. Market downfall was also influenced by decrease in macro indicators and armed conflict.

Under such circumstances, Obolon, one of the leading local beer brands, updated its brand image and communication platform which focuses on revealing modern traits of Ukrainians.


In early 2014 the whole world was talking about Ukraine. But Ukrainians wish they had stopped answering the annoying questions like “How is it going?” or “Is it safe to visit Ukraine?” They also wanted to change well-established stereotype about Ukrainians, for example, the cuisine based on borscht with salo and nepotism.


  1. Strengthen Obolon brand through the “national characteristics”
  2. Maximize coverage of target audience


We created the “Real Ukrainians” promo campaign, where six foreigners discuss their stereotypes about Ukrainians.

On the promo website users watch funny but real videos of nation-related stereotypes, told by foreigners that spent at least few years living in Ukraine. After watching users are prompted to select a friend that is most unlike to one of stereotypes and send him/her a personal Facebook message with a request to dispel the stereotype and take part in a project.

As campaign had both the image and conversion goals – a mix of channels was used. Videos on YouTube and Facebook and promoted publications in the latter served as image-conveying tools, while Google search and Facebook teasers provided visitors with high registration rate. Google search campaign was testing lotteries and competitions, as well as words related to national pride. But the campaign had shown low indicators of the attracted traffic on the website so was turned off during the testing phase.

Project smart-targeted both males and females, with a careful selection of messages, e.g. “leopard clothes” was shown to women and “living at home till the age of 30” was shown to men.


Goals and events enabled us to understand which connections “stereotype — channel — TA” shows the highest conversions and which should be optimized or turned off. These actions have increased conversion from 5% at the beginning of the campaign to an incredible 15% by the end of the promo.


  • 16.3 million media impressions served with an average CTR of 7.81%;
  • 40000+ YouTube views with average view ratio above 30%;
  • 55000+ platform visits;
  • 12000+ stereotypes sent by participants;
  • 2500+ project shares that generated 50000+ viral contacts.

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