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Acard – a drug for treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.


Every twelfth Ukrainian over the age of 45 suffers from a stroke or heart attack. The disease concerns not only it’s victims: during the rehabilitation period, children have to care about their patients.

Ukraine ranks first in Europe in the number of deaths from cardiovascular diseases which means that previous communications about a need for disease prevention were not perceived by potential victims.


  1. To actualize the problem of stroke/heart attack among men and women over the age of 45.
  2. To inform about risk factor and consequences of cardiovascular diseases for all family members.
  3. To build a knowledge about the product.


We decided to address unusual for such a communication audience – Ukrainians 25+, children of potential victims of a stroke or heart attack.

We created an educational online-platform allowing to know about cardiovascular diseases, caring for the sick, and its prevention by means of the drug.


The educational online-platform allows each to try on the role of a caretaker of a sick parent and, exploring the problem, figure out how to prevent these diseases. A user can choose one of the video stories – “A heart that loves you” or “A brain that thinks about you” – and becomes a hero who is going to fight his father’s heart attack or mother’s stroke. Every interaction with video stories we converted into exploring the landing page.

Video stories

Media promotion

We used such an instruments for promotion the project:

  • search engine optimization (Google and Yandex)
  • teasers at vk.com
  • pre-rolls at YouTube
  • Google Display Network banners


  • 2+ million coverage of the target audience
  • 180 000 views of video stories
  • 25 000 visits the website
  • 28% organic traffic on the website