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Coffee is a hyping trend in Ukraine. Morning raf, lunch latte, thousands of small coffee shops and coffee-cars on the streets.

Since 2013 Ukraine coffee imports have increased by 12%, while tea imports have decreased by 30%.

In 2014 Ahmad Tea London, the brand with a 23-year history in Ukraine, took the 3rd position with 13% of market share. It was the last brand success because Ahmad Tea London hadn’t communicated with consumers till 2016.


In 2015/2016 tea category expanded with cheap local brands that caused stagnation. In order to survive, global tea brands provided TV and online campaigns.

Since 2015 Lipton had 83% of share of voice in online-media and was active throughout 75% of the time. Batik had 9% of audience’s attention.

Meanwhile, coffee brands continued offline-involvement: networks of coffee shops expanded with indie-cafes and coffee-cars on the streets to fit every specific taste.

Lack of Ahmad Tea London communication decreased loyalty by 61,1% and awareness by 11,6%.


In 2016 Ahmad set an ambitious task: to keep awareness and market share without mass advertising and TV campaign in coming 1,5 years.


After the 3-year silence Ahmad was totally behind consumers’ tastes so we should to re-find the target audience.

Our campaign consisted of more than 800 creatives and 500 narrow audience segments.

To draw audience attention we:

  • applied vCPM-model with pay-per-view only in a visible area of the screen to ensure viewing of our messages by users
  • used static images with maximum compression to speed up the creatives loading even with a bad connection
  • in order to exclude irrelevant views we used a stop-list with doubtful content, no clicks at >10,000 views, error pages and recently registered domains without content


Ahmad took the 2nd market position in awareness and preferences, increased sales and has become the 3rd consumption brand in Ukraine.

  • +27% increased awareness (+20% planned)
  • +15% increased brand preferences (+10% planned)
  • +10% increased consumption (+5% planned)