Digital Strategist
Digital Strategist

We are looking for professional with a good understanding of how marketing and advertising works, who binds his life to digital, deals with trends, respect figures, and knows how to draw conclusions about it.

Basic requirements:

  • active internet user with 5+ years experience;
  • 2+ years work experience in digital for client or agency (as digital strategist is an advantage);
  • practical work experience with web-analytics and monitoring tools, statistic panels, and other instruments of digital-strategist;
  • good logical thinking and dealing with figures;
  • perfect English;
  • willing to improve your skills in digital strategy.

Your benefits:

  • willingness to take part in new business, make presentations, and defend your position at meetings;
  • willingness to study methodology Jobs To Be Done https://strategyn.com/customer-centered-innovation... ;
  • active following trends, web-developing, digital-marketing and related topics (you need to know where Lurkmore is, at which oak blockchain hangs, where king Nimses rules, and when the ninth gag hits);
  • work experience with web-analytics tools, statistics, and monitoring, understanding of where the required data is (Google Analytics/Trends/Insights, SimilarWeb, Yandex Metrika, Gemius, TNS, GFK, SlideShare, AdOpinion/Adverttrack, ...);
  • you are interested in advertising industry, have vast knowledge in this area (major players, trends, new tools, festivals, cases, fresh statistics/analysis etc);
  • willingness to be nearly perfect at your work, a desire to self-development and improving quality of your work's results;
  • ability to articulate and justify your own ideas;
  • curiosity, stress resilience, ability to make decisions; sense of humor :)

Key duties:

  • development of integrated digital/communication strategies – from research to case;
  • searching for insights, research on consumers' behaviour and preferences;
  • analysis of client's market, brands, products, competitors, audience, cases, references, trends;
  • choosing of communications channels and tools complied with campaign's tasks, explaining the efficiency of this choice;
  • analysis of the future efficiency of the campaign, setting of KPI;
  • briefing of creative department and assistance in the development of visions;
  • analysis of business-goals and finding of client's new needs;
  • workflow optimization: selection of new sources of analytics, proposal of the new working methods for the new business etc).

Working conditions:

  • work for Ukrainian digital-agency Skykillers, #3 at ratings of creativity and efficiency;
  • work for big international brands and UNICEF social campaigns;
  • friendly, young, but experienced team;
  • perfect office location in Kyiv city center with Shevchenko park view, terrace, ping-pong table and tasty coffee;
  • paid probationary period – 1 month.

Если вакансия тебе интересна, дай нам знать!
Lva Tolstoho str. 9A
+380 (44) 223 70 60
Add link (if needed) to your files at Google Drive, Dropbox or iCloud.
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